Kaabil Movie Trailer is Lauched

Kahaani 2 trailer is Launched

Teaser of Upcoming Movie Dear Zindagi is Launched

New Song of Befikre Movie - Nashe si Chandh Gayi is Released

Real life incidents that will deepen your respect for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


The way I look at it, if my neighbor’s house, for any reason, is producing garbage and that garbage is coming to my house then how is it right? What am I supposed to do? I will..

Religion was created with good intentions. 'Some of the worst things imaginable were done with the best intentions'. Over time, we have manipulated religion rendering it useless and almost an irony today

The article describes the problems faced by the children. They deserve to be happy but it's lost. We can join together to restore the lost smile on their faces. :)

It is believed that the journey of Goddess Durga , the Goddess of power, the protector from evil; from the heaven to the earth commences on the first day of "devi paksha". This day is celebrated as Mahalaya. ..

Today we will highlight one of the popular think everyone is familiar with that is SIRI. SIRI stands for speech interpretation and recognition interface which one have commonly came across as a feature in IPh..

Nowadays technology is something which have made life easier. There are ways which can make us feel good through technology. One such way is to laugh through internet. It is said that laughter in the best medicine to anything. One can fin..

To look at the act from a layman’s point of view in light of prevalent international notions of territorial sovereignty, war, and military action, it seems to be a deliberate a..


Until and unless a person do not face what the person who has been criticized of doing something wrong has faced you cannot draw the full picture and remains biased by looking at one side of the coin.

New Song of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is released.

Rowing machines are workout machines which consist of oars and sliding seat to exercise out the muscles of our body that are related rowing. They are good for upper body exercise and are used for strengthenin..

BMW series have always been graceful and people have looked forward to the launch of every new BMW car. The current car is supposed to be 2017 BMW 3 series.This series has always been epitome of luxury brought out by a one of the most rel..