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Lovingly known as the Mozart of Madras, his music has been lauded all over the world and he still goes on melting our hearts a little, one track at a time. January 6th, 2017 marks A.R. Rahman's 50th birthday!

Originally a temple town and an important Hindu pilgrimage centre dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is now a famous tourist destination with lovely beaches and hills. Gokarna is a more laid-back and less-commercial..

While the whole world is celebrating and welcoming 2017, I decided to research the major events that occurred on 1st January.

The art of expression is magical. Imagine if you have a time constraint to express yourself. Doesn’t it sound hard to say and tell all the things in your mind in a limited time?

This is an entertainment blog about the American tv show 'Friends' and its famous dialogues that are still loved by its fans worldwide.

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A novel attempt to showcase the talents of budding film-makers. A startup to promote short-film makers


Ignorance is a real bliss, Content is something, What in day-to-day life.....we miss.

Life was in the middle of sea, And I was losing the existence of me, There was nothing left to live for, And there was not even illusion of shore.

Although having so much of adversities, I just never want to stop again, Because there will be someday, When there will be sunshine, "And there will be rain".

Life is somewhere cloudy and somewhere sunny, Everybody would have their part of honey, Sound mind and contentment is best, Live your life and forget about the rest.

Life is about leaving things behind, Sadness is gonna haunt if you rewind. sometimes it is best to leave things on time, Sooner or later life is gonna find its rhyme.

Warriors doesn't fear of storm or rain Everytime they fall back, They stand up and keep going again and again.

Love is one hell of a sinful fruit. And yet this fruit I silently tasted, Fought with the devils,then I rested, An eventful journey life has been, Dreams so pretty I've seen.

There may be hell a lot of problems, Yet there is a hope of solution Although life seems to be monotonous, yet there is a hope of contentment.