About Us

Zailet is the best blogging site and a Free Media Network which aims to provide free high quality content covering vast variety of topics like Politics, News(National & International), Entertainment, Sports, Travel ,Food, Lifestyle, Fashion, Science, Technology, Smartphones and Gadgets, and many more.

Zailet aims to create an open source community which would allow any of it's user to create posts on our portal. Every blogger/writer will have their own section on our portal, this would give them a great opportunity to gain recognition as a blogger/content writer. It will be open to all to create, distribute and consume.

Zailet is a platform where you will get unbiased and fair opinions. We don't support any ideology or political views. If you have something to share, just write about it, or have something to reveal like any corruption or any other discrepancy, just write it to us, we can even share this anonymously if you want.

Zailet is to the people, for the people, and by the people.


What is Zailet.?

Zialet is the Free Media Network, it is an open source Media portal where user can write , share and read interesting blogs and news.

What gets posted on Zailet.?

Being an open source platform, any user can write a blog/article/story and get it published on Zailet. Users can also write as Guest Bloggers and anonymously if they don't want to reveal their identity.

I want to contribute for Zailet Community as a Guest Writer. What should I do.?

We have lots for Guest Writers who contribute for our Zailet Community, they send us interesting news and blogs regularly. If you want to become our Guest Blogger: Click Here

I want to contribute for Zailet Community as a Permanent Writer. What should I do ?

We have lots of Permanent Writers who contribute for Zailet Community, they write interesting blogs/articles/news in various categories. If you want to become become our Permanent Bloggers : Click Here

I saw something on this site that belongs to me. Who should I get in touch with.?

We at Zailet strongly believe in originality of the content and giving proper credit to the original creators. Also as we are an open source platform any user can copy stuffs from other sources and use it for their blogs, we can't check each and every post for the originality of the content.

But if you don’t want your content to appear on our site, just shoot us a mail at, after verifying your claims we’ll pull it down immediately.

I saw something on the site that offended me. Can you remove it.?

Although we are an open source Media portal, but still if you find something inappropriate or anything that offends you, please write to us directly at Don’t forget to mention the URL of the article that you found in bad taste.

I have a suggestion for you guys. What can I do.?

If you have any suggestion, you can write your suggestions here. You can also mail us at

I am an advertiser/media executive. Do you do content partnership with brands.?

Yes, we are happy to work with you. You can mail us at