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BMW 3 Series 2017: Review

Author: Srishti Yadav

BMW series have always been graceful and people have looked forward to the launch of every new BMW car. The current car is supposed to be 2017 BMW 3 series. This series has always been epitome of luxury brought out by a one of the most reliable company hailing from Germany. Initially the company started with the series having 2 doors which was a convertible but later innovations made it a sedan car with 4 doors and this product has successfully completed six generations now and is continuing to surprise its customers worldwide.This series have being comprising 30% of the total income for the company and has also entitled the company in winning various accolades. Now comes the 2017 BMW 3 series.

Basic Changes In 2017 BMW 3 Series:-


This model comes with various noticeable changes such as It comes with a new four cylinder . The Engine with new turbocharge technology specially made for 330i models which were earlier called 328i and the new Gran turismo comes with six cylinder raised from 335i to 340i . It is made with the changes made according to demands if the modern generation that is it is enabled with wifi and wireless charging system in all its models for the benefit of all.

Exterior and Interior:-


Always known for it luxurious interior and eye opening exterior.But, to a disappointment there are not going to be many changes in the look of the car. The main change is that it comes enabled with LED headlights and taillights. The overall look is similar remains exactly same as if the last one but interior has been provIded with a better navigation system.There is of course enabling if wifi also the interior can be personalized and comes with options of trimming.Also, has new wooden interiors combined with vibrant colors. Driver also gets a larger legroom around himself with better visibility of the front and rear view too.It has a larger wheelbase which gives it a very sharplook and adds a dynamic look to it and also with expnasion the cargo space has also been expanded.It has been also accomidate with excellent audio system and enchanting audio system in the interior.

Engine and Performance :-

It comes with a better horsepower and with a Engine worked by diesel.With a better diesel engine it has been said that it will bring out better output of almost 150 horsepower. Also, basic steps such as expansion and improvement in camera, electronic control and tactmatic control makes it to be look forward to .It also comes with parking info and Displays lane departure which too has undergone some of the innovations.

Price and Release Date:-

It is said by the officials and confirmed too that this model will not be out for sale before summers of 2017. The price too depends on the choice of buyers on which model they want to buy but the range lies between 35000$ to 60000$ and also the car can be personalised for which the buyer has to pay accordingly.

Therefore, the model is surely worth waiting for.


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