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Five ways to get a good marks in Calcutta University

Author: Debasis Ghosh

Calcutta University has a cruisal role in Educational System of India since it was established in 1857. This is the largest of all universities in India. However many changes are made in it's system but still it's certificate is successful to give you a bright career!
Now a day's it's very tough to score a good result in any course of Calcutta University specially in Honours Course. Even a student can't say confidently that he can make a good score. Here are five such tips to get a better score, applicable for almost all courses offered in Calcutta University. You need not to be a brilliant student, you can follow these reliably. 
  1. Reading Thoroughly According to the Syllabus:  Its very important to read the subject thoroughly according to the CU's syllabus. There are available books in market for every subjects (except Statistics) which contain the whole syllabus and the name of the reference books. You have to cover all the topics in the subject syllabus and you have to keep some time before exam to revise the topics. Moral of this point is that there does not exist such term like 'syllabus' in Calcutta University. Sometimes you have to attempt some questions in CU exams that are actually not belong to your syllabus. So practice some other topic related to subject but not syllabus.

  2. Follow Several Books for References: You must have the entire knowledge of the subject to obtain a better score. So you have to follow not only the books mentioned in the syllabus but also some reference books available in the market. Choose the books of many other writers or other publishers as reference books. If you can't afford new books you can buy used or xerox it or you can search for PDF in internet. One more thing you can do also, making a group. Make a group of students studying your subject and share books and splits the cost of the books.

  3. Use Previous Year's Questions: Yes. This is one of the best solutions to get scored above 60% in Calcutta University Honours Course. You must collect some 5-6 year's question at any cost. Good news is that there are available books containing previous year's questions in market. But in some subject like Statistics there is no such books. Those students can get it from his department of his college. Practice the questions and ready it because often the questions of current year exams are repeated from previous year's question. And you can understand the question pattern also. 

  4. Practice Through Writing: Daily writing is very important for a CU student than studying. As you have only 2 hours to complete 50 marks in exam, you can't complete if you haven't done any practice. If you write some answers of any topic daily, you gain the writing speed and you remember the topic easily in the time of examination. After you complete the syllabus you can practice by giving examinations to self at your home by those previous year's questions. It has a good effect.

  5. Scoring Good in Practicals:  This point is for only practical based subjects. Practical numbers are always help to build the good score. You can easily score a good number in practical if you take it seriously and practice it often. Even you can make more marks in practical than the theory part. You can start practicing at your college or any private teacher. Follow practical questions for previous year's questions.
Students of non practical based subjects are to follow only first four. 
The most important thing is that, hard-work, dedication and willpower can bring you the success!


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