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Guide To Have Macaw Parrot As Pet!!

Author: Srishti Yadav


Macaw parrots are long tailed colorful parrots with a unique feather placement and combination.The majority of their species is now endangered and now they come as hybrid birds moreover .Macaw bird’s beak is counted in one of the powerful ones.Green wing Macaws are the most difficult to handle from their species.Female macaws need more care when compared to male ones and also males are little more patient .

Bite Of Macaw Parrot:-

Macaw bite hurts most and for a longer period of time at dead nerves and knots because of them taking more time to heal.Macaw can bite hard surfaces too but is only capable of destroying them and not breaking them all together such as it can’t break finger of a human being. Macaw are usually silent but when disturbed they get irritated and start creating a nuisance by being noisy.


Macaw bites at most have lead to stitches because of the bird being incapable of understanding and measuring its own strength and applying more pressure nevertheless it is not intended by the bird.But, some people have argued on the basis of their experience that older and larger macaw bird can cut through the flesh and make the bone visible and at times crack the bones a bit.Macaw surely never wants to be a secondary love of his owner and demands attention which helps to keep the macaw bird calm even though all the efforts will prove to be futile one day because the bird will sooner or later bite .The most interesting part about Macaw is that it sometimes unknowingly bites it own leg with the utmost force and damages itself.


Macaw birds can be prevented from biting by giving them a friendly environment, individual attention,offering them their favourite food, cosy cage, overtrusting caretakers,giving them a feeling of belonging and familiarity and continuous exercises. Let the bird bite other toys to prevent yourself from getting bit and a successive training can be given to the bird and wood toys make them really happy.They can only be trained with interesting tricks played in them.


Macaw bite can be healed depending on the severity of the wound. Such a use of pain killer and cold pads can be done on the swelling . Use of bandage on the minor cuts whereas immediate medical assistance to the third level cut or any facial injury by the bird.If your bird has bit itself rush the bird to the nearest ornithologist.