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IQ vs EQ: The Tussle

Author: Biswadeep Ray

Don't ignore a person if he/she is not excelling in academics. You never understand their dreams,and realize their abilities. Everyone is born 'Unique' with different skills. Not all are born to be the SAME.
After all It's not the marks which determine your destination.

As the changing environment is taking different dimensions. The requirement is also changing accordingly.

If I ask you to hire a person for your company. Would you choose a person with higher IQ or EQ?
This might be quite arduous and it’s true, that it’s really difficult to select between IQ and EQ.

Firstly, if you are not clear with the difference between them. Here you go :)
IQ test is used for accessing your mental ability which includes problem solving tasks, reasoning, etc. Whereas EQ is the capability of a person to determine their and other people’s emotions.IQ is a number which can help to measure the cognitive abilities of an individual. IQ of
90-110: Average
Greater than 120: Superior
Approximately 68% of the population has and IQ between 85 and 115.

EQ tends to be divergent in nature in comparison to IQ. EQ as mentioned earlier is the one’s ability to understand other people. It has 5 broad categories which are:

1. Self-Awareness: It’s an individual’s ability to recognize an emotion. When you start understanding your feelings, that’s when you are boosting this ability. Try to introspect yourself and discover your strength and weakness. 

2. Self-Regulation: It involves self-control. Certain ways by which you can improve your  self-regulation abilities  are: Praying, doing things with honesty and integrity, walking alone, etc.

3. Motivation: It is very important for a person to have a clear goal and be positive towards it. Someone has said very wisely “Dreams are never too big you should just have the courage to perceive them”. So ‘Dream Big’ and believe in your dreams even if it seems foolish to the entire world. 

4. Empathy: This is extremely important. It is the ability which helps us in discerning the feelings of someone. Is anyone discouraged, why don’t you go forward and speak little words of encouragement. Is anyone in pain, why don’t you step forward to help them. It’s very important for us to know that everyone is precious and only by sharing the love, we can actually spread the happiness. 

5. Social Skills: It is quite essential for a person to have a good communication skills. It’s then we know how can we transfer the message to a person’s heart. It’s not about speaking, but all about how you do it. Involving in various events, meeting new people, public speaking, and so on could help you enrich your skills.

The research shows that IQ can help you to be successful to the extent of 20% only, the remaining 80% depends on your EQ.
To put it simple IQ can take you to the door, but it’s our EQ which will keep us going as we enter the door. IQ is not to be neglected, but EQ plays a pivotal role in the life of an individual.

"If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far" - Daniel Goleman


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