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Is New Year really new?

Author: Simran Bajaj

Depending on your point of view, 2016 was the best of times or the worst of times, or if you can connect yourself with me then it was probably a little of both.

Most of us have faced problems in personal and professional lives - somewhere, sometime. No doubt, like me, you would also have been in stress sometimes, had arguments and fights in relationships with friends, family, love or boss.

But as we enter in another era, every time, we often take resolutions to make it the most memorable, wonderful, fantastic and happiest year of our life and mostly end it up wasting. I have seen people sitting in corner with have some kind of stress and happiness on there face, because they think they've achieved nothing throughout the year. But, this have to be understood that the time which enjoyed wasting was actually not wasted. It is not always necessary to make good scores or get promotions in jobs or be successful, but what important is to be happy and positive always.

The moment we start living with happiness and positivity, things will automatically turn right.

I have also seen people who end up happily ever after and the reason is same - positivity and happiness.

So the question is - Is New Year really new? Getting into the new year doesn't means changing your targets, partners and relations. It means entering into a year with new hopes and zeal more than the previous year. It means looking at things with new thoughts and dimensions. It means setting new goals keeping in mind the previous ones.

The world is changing and the way of living is also changing. So, the meaning of new year for the generation is also changing. Generation is surrounded with the material culture which have some sort of negativity, obviously leading us to take wrong decisions and steps and ruing our happiness.

The answer to everything is - bring and surround yourself with happiness and positivity as much as you can this year to make it better than 2016 for yourself and others too. Just make this year really new so that you can end up incredibly happy.

Because, HAPPINESS is the only key to success. 


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