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Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

Author: Archit Gupta

“It was not by accident that the greatest thinkers of all ages were deeply religious souls”-Max Plank

Science is a vast arena that relies on experimentations and observations –a medium that has rationalism ingrained and a mean to reach absolute reality. Drastically opposite, Religion is code of life that has ethics as foundation stones. While on occasions they may remain in tune, and on occasions they do antithesis. Both does find it erratic to accommodate the other, the question is ,is it right that a for the utopian society, agglomeration of ideals of science and religion exist.

Science without religion is lame

Man has organized knowledge through experimentations since aeon. It has through inventions proved an umpteen tool for making life worth of living. In large arena, from treatment of diseases to mission to mars, it has spoken in loud cry that Science has veered our life in right direction. However, the point to bear in mind is, along giving lofty things, it has provided us with the thing that can prove disastrous to the mankind. The nuclear bomb, the biological weapons are few among the hefty, that has made life vulnerable for any catastrophe. While the every major religion on earth speak about the collective welfare of humankind, the science through inventing the catastrophic articles, does antithesis to Religion. The religious ideals has to be engraved and necessary steps taken for making life worthy.

No doubt, science has given mankind the modern comforts, but it has also done at the cost of nature. While enjoying modern comforts, the people of this age has been deprived from the birth right- a clean environment. The world of this age is doing little in providing the mankind what existed for them since time immemorial and which has made aberration because of science. The religion of major religions does speak about welfare of nature. The importance of nature can gauged from the fact that in fact, there are people who does worship nature. The tribes of India have high reverence for the forests on this account. The religious ideal of giving high importance has to be engraved in science for making life worthy.

The science has made humans to gallop. Industrial revolution, no doubt has increased the productivity, but has did little for the poverty. What is the purpose of science when there are still millions living food to eat, clothes to wear and homes to live in. We through mechanization has increased the rate of production, but the mechanization has made many millions to stagnate in the vicious circles of poverty by depriving them of employment. The movie of Dilip Kumar, “naya dour- new age” that depicts this plight is worth mentioning. The most of religions does speak for welfare of whole humanity and this rat race of humanity , where we have few having billions and billions having few is direct opposite to the ideals of religions. Science has made human a medium and not end.

Religion without science is blind.

The religion relies on altruistic values does on occasions does antithesis to the gamut of rationalism. It on occasions does support the sectional discrimination. A religion does not remain religion if it does allow its followers to follow the blind beliefs. Killing of human in name of religion is against the ideals of science. While it does antithesis to ideal of collective welfare, it also does antithesis to the rationalism also.

While there are many traditions prevalent in our society which are against scientific ideals. Among them worth mentioning the ill luck on specific dates like 3,13 and many more, crossing of cat a sign of ill omen and many more. Science does not believe in the things that does not have empirical evidence. So it is boon for mankind to contain the ideals of science. The point to bear is that we have to look for the scientificc parts of religion, preaching which has rationalism engraved.


Both science and religions have noble things along having elements of errand. We can not separate the two to find ideal world. While on occasion they does antithesis, they remains mostly in tune. It is for welfare of humanity that we take agglomerate of two. It is on this fact the greatest scientist , Albert Einstein sais, “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind”.