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Shortfundly - A unique startup

Author: Mr. Q

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I had a message in my blog if I could write about a start-up. I was provided the link and asked if I could do it and I began to browse through the website. The startup was ‘Shortfundly’ and they deal with short films. I began to think and there wasn’t any difficulty in getting a flow.

For a very long time, if you wanted to become a director there was a lot to do. You had to be an assistant director to a good director, work your way up. By the time you got your own feature, you were old. It was a difficult journey and you needed a lot of things to go your way. With better cameras and video equipment available even to the common people, it became easier to make movies on your own. A group of friends joined together and made a short film. With the internet, you had the audience. Over time, TV channels saw potentials in this and began to host shows for budding directors. We’ve seen films like Pizza, Vaagai Sooda Vaa, Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadu Yeppadi and so on turn from short films to feature films and gain critical acclaim. It will be interesting to note that Hollywood movies like Saw, District 9, 12 Monkeys and even the famous Evil Dead were made from short films.

Talent is all around us. It just takes the right motivation and the right nurturing. While YouTube and other video streaming sites provide a good reach, the short films become one among millions and millions of videos. A debutant has to compete with the entire world for viewership. It is not easy to beat that level of competition. So a dedicated website just for short-film makers to exhibit their talent and for people who are looking for such talent to view it all in one place. When I saw the website and details about it, I was reminded of startup incubators. The objective of a short film is to create an identity. The more the people watch it, the better it is for the maker. When the right kind of people watch it, it is one step further. Bringing the investors and the talent together is a wonderful thing and I am happy to see a dedicated startup just for this.

The team behind Shortfundly

I like the fact that they also bring up the concept of crowd funding which is by itself a recognition for the aspiring filmmaker. Youngsters these days are pretty talent. I myself have a couple of friends, an actor and a director who have gained critical acclaim but yet to gain a feature. It is good to see such initiatives coming up for budding film-makers. We will need quality films coming up and a lot of directors show great promise. Several of them sadly, never get noticed. I recently saw one of my friends get a role in a full length feature film and he told me this ‘The short films are like my resume’. Best wishes to the ‘Shortfundly’ team in this noble effort and may the platform give rise to meaningful, entertaining and enjoyable films in the future.