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Shortfundly-Discover the art of short filmmaking

The art of expression is magical. Imagine if you have a time constraint to express yourself.  Doesn’t it sound hard to say and tell all the things in your mind in a limited time? Well, short filmmakers are wonderful artists who express their vision through a film which is not as long as a feature film which we go and view in the movie halls.

Short films have become highly popular as they are fast paced, to the point and always express the message beautifully. Unfortunately, short films do not get screened on movie halls for the general public to view. Short films have always lacked a proper platform for their representation. Recently, the number of short film festivals has increased and gives a stage for short films to compete at.

Introducing Shortfundly, a start-up which intends to revolutionize the short film culture by providing an online platform for short filmmakers where they can exhibit their films for the general public and other directors to view. The idea is to link short filmmakers together as you can view the films by different directors. The short films are categorized and organized making filtered search easier for people to view. Selvam, the founder, intends to make Shortfundly “LinkedIn for short filmmakers”.

ShortFundly also aims at making participation to film festivals easier. The site has a section dedicated to film festivals and competitions. Through this section, filmmakers can submit their short films to the various competitions listed on the site. The process is simplified by ShortFundly and to add to this bonanza they do not charge you anything for applying through their site. The site is also very safe because there is no way to share the films uploaded onto the site. It is a short film video discovery platform and is great for beginners to build on their skills.

Another big feature of this site is that it is also a crowdfunding platform for small directors who wish to obtain funding for their projects. They can also promote their films by using various methods like posters and teasers on the site. Public crowd funding in simple terms is funding provided to a director or filmmaker by the general public who views the films uploaded on the site.

Short films are an excellent medium for propagating a message and expressing one’s emotions. The art of short films needs appreciation and representation. Personally, I have viewed a few short films myself and have loved how they have impacted my personal life. ShortFundly is the perfect site to become a short film addict.

Start-ups like ShortFundly promote creativity and encourage people to explore their talents. The idea and intention behind this start-up are interesting and revolutionary. Make sure to check out the site and view the excellent short films uploaded on it.

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