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Thank-you 2016!

Author: Kranti Tandel

Dear 2016,

This is to inform you that you have been the best and worst year of my life. When the world is expressing about the loss of the planet, let me tell you how cruel you were to me. You broke me, You made me, you made me worst and selfish. You took away the people whom I would have never thought to leave me ever. You forced me to do things which I could never imagine, I 'LL ever do. You made me fall in love with a man who never loved me, you made me trust the one who backstabbed me. You were such a bad ass.

2016!Thankfully, you also helped me somewhere to mould myself, You helped me to spread joy and happiness and fix people's heart. You helped me to discover my hidden talent and explore new things. You gave me many opportunities well, Thank you.

You were the most sarcastic, confused, selfish, full of anxiety, annoying, loving, attractive, ugly year for all of us. You dropped in a vicious circle which I was not able to come out. You really did suck, you made me a hippie soul, a loving and caring soul.

I really hope your successor - 2017, be the best one and brings happiness and be mature enough.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Your survivors.


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