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The impact of U.S. elections on India

Author: Sukanya De

What India stands to lose

Trump's 'hawkish' trade policy of 'America first' and his plans to renegotiate all foreign trade deals will affect trade treaties with India, too.

Trump terms H1B visa programme as 'unfair', and his stated purpose is to end the programme. If Trump wins, Indian IT stocks and IT companies like TCS and InfosysBSE -1.80 % are likely to be the first victims of this policy.

He is often seen exhibiting a double .. Bringing jobs back to America could mean harsher conditions for entry of immigrants from India.

Trump's promise to reduce the US corporate tax rate from 35 per cent to 15 per cent could result in companies like Ford, GM and Microsoft rushing back to the US.

This rush of US firms will hit Modi's Make in India push.

What India may gain

Although Trump wants to put stricter immigration rules, he also says he wants to woo Indian entrepreneurs and students to the US.

Trump criticized China throughout his campaign, described it as one of the US's top adversaries. That could make for an advantage to India.

He said he would label China a currency manipulator and impose heavy tariffs if China didn't agree to rewrite trade agreements.

He is against Islamic Terrorism, and he may help India dealing with terrorists and isolate Pakistan on International stage.

He also said many times during his campaign that he loves "Hindus" and loves "India". He also praised PM Modi many times.