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What is one thing that I would change in Indians?

Author: Mr. Q

The one thing that I will want to change in Indians is ‘to stop working for a master and want to be bosses’

Let me explain

We like to be working for someone rather than wanting to be bosses. Most of us do not want to start something. We are comfortable switching jobs after jobs and never actually own anything. The world likes the fact that at least in IT, Indians are coming to get your jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, we have the Ambanis, the Tatas, the Birlas and so on but that is a very small fraction of our potential leaders.

How many MBAs are starting their own businesses here? We all love the get rich quick formula and we are victims of our own formula. We want to get a job, switch to a better one, go abroad and send home money in dollars to buy up property and plan for retirement and this extends to marriage, dowry and so many other things.

This date of retirement may never come mind you. We keep working and working like slaves and we forget to have a life. Look around you, how many of the people around you have regular vacations? How many of the people have the habit of going out or watching movies in the weekend?
Let’s take this the other way
  • How many of you have missed the PTA meeting of your kids?
  • How many of you have missed seeing your kid perform?
  • How many of you have won that prestigious 100% attendance award that is frankly meaningless?
  • How many of you are free from stress induced diseases?
  • We work like machines and tire out in the same way.
  • How many of us actually start businesses?
It is nice to see a large number of startups emerging and a large number of Indian CEOs but those are mere exceptions. We are happy to remain work-horses and that is something I want to change in Indians



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