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Why Ross Was Made For Rachel

Author: Mr. Q

‘Friends’ is one of the most loved sitcoms ever. Few have questioned that. Ross and Rachel are a couple you simply love to see on screen but lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts saying that Joey loved Rachel more than anyone else. This I must disagree. Rachel and Joey did try but they could never get together despite Ross being (insane) okay with it. There was one sweet scene which said it all as to why Ross was the best partner she ever could have. It was when she was pregnant.

Rachel is pregnant and they have decided not to get married. Ross is currently dating but Rachel asks Ross not to date anyone. She says that she does not want to date him either. This happens in ‘The one with the cooking class’ where Ross agrees without so much as a second thought. Ross always went a long way for Rachel. Not just the prom but almost at every single time. Remember when he missed his TV spot to take Rachel to the hospital? Ross getting Rachel is celebrated because Ross represents the normal guy and normal guys are the majority.

Another episode was when Reese Witherspoon stars as Rachel’s sister and wants to date Ross. The reason why Ross broke it off was sweet. He did not know at that point if something would resume between them but he did not want to burn that bridge. So the next time you compare Joey’s love to Ross’, remember that Ross loved her for a lifetime. Joey realized that he loved Rachel as something more than a friend but deep down, never as a partner which was pretty obvious from the hilarious slaps that he received.

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