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Wonder Woman is UN ambassador for girl's empowerment

Author: Mr. Q

I was pleasantly surprised today when ‘Wonder Woman’ (DC comics) was named as the UN ambassador for girl’s empowerment. Comic creator WM Marston would be proud. A character created more than six decades ago showed a woman as a powerful character taking on men at a time when that was almost unheard of across the world. As a comic book fan, I am pleased to hear such a news.

Wonder woman has not been without controversy. The character is portrayed as a demigoddess superhero who hails from Amazon origin of Greek Mythology and was often criticized for her dress which was revealing (Let us be honest, it was). First introduced in 1940s, Wonder woman has survived seven decades and has been a mainstay in the Justice League. The character which has been criticized as a character created to please male fans is now a symbol for girl’s empowerment.

Wonder woman’s powers rival many top superheroes and though her lasso of truth and amulets don’t seem like much, Diana (Wonder Woman) uses them expertly and takes on extremely dangerous foes while deflecting bullets and catching criminals. Comics are taking over the movies and the comic book fans are not just the nerds anymore. Great to see that it is going even beyond all that.



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