Arvind Chaurasiya

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About ME!!

I have 10 years of experience in web and mobile development, I completed 100+ project in my short career.
For me Web Development it's not just a career, it's my life and my passion. I love creating beautiful, clean and functional designs and I'm always searching for inspiration and new tendencies. I'm overly fanatical over the clean and well-commented code and I'm always looking to make things sleeker and faster. Building beautiful designs that people love using makes my heart race.
Successfully developed skills in understanding, designing, implementing and training on various systems with a good understanding of the customer needs. Proficient in design and development of online client-server and internet applications.

Being a Front-end developer, UI Engineer/Presentation layer developer, my world revolved around HTML 5, CSS 3, Reactjs, Angular 2, JavaScript, jQuery Plugins, Ajax, Web templates, Gulp js, and much more. I have worked in a PHP, CMS where I rarely got my hands dirty in the application code nor did I have any interest to. My concerns lie between mastering HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery Plugins, Ajax, Web templates, Gulp js Typography, code refactoring, cleanup, and style normalization, website speed optimization and the emerging world of UX.
I am playing the role of Lead in my current company which includes development, client communication & handling and team handling.

★ I am working on HTML 5, CSS 3, Reactjs, Angular 2, JavaScript, jQuery Plugins, Ajax, Web templates, Gulp js, web pack, and much more front-end technology.
★ Web Design and Development, Responsive Design and Optimized Cross-browser compatibility and all Device sported pixel perfect Development. Continuously explore new techniques, tools, and technologies.
★ Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills and Solid understanding of cross-browser issues.
★ Used frame Bootstrap, Material etc.
★ Experts in Domain: Health, Sports, E-commerce, Social & Community etc.