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About ME!!

After working as a journalist for 7 years, actively volunteering for Anna movement since its inception and leading ground campaigns for the Aam Aadmi Party till 2015, I realised that corruption is not the biggest problem. The biggest threat is the unstoppable environment pollution. And, this is when I decided to start ‘Ecoplore’. My experience as an activist made me realise that if you really want to bring a change at the mass level, you have to involve the masses. And, money is something that binds everyone. So, any big change has to be connected around money. So, Ecoplore is a social entrepreneurship that aims to limit the environmental damage by reducing the construction of ugly concrete buildings and increasing the no of eco-stays.

As a journalist, I started my career at CNN-IBN, then moved to ‘Headlines Today’, then worked with a Japanese news agency and with a renowned French photographer on a photo book on Delhi NCR.

Few chapters of my life have also been documented in the book ‘Love@politics’.