4 Situations in which you will need a travel insurance

Sara Nicole


1 year ago

Travelling is like food for the soul. It exposes you to new surroundings, bottles in varied experiences and uplifts your spirits. If you are travelling abroad with family, alone of with friends, you are bound to make countless memories. However, in order to travel hassle-free, you need to be secured and protected.

Getting a travel insurance would allow you to carry on your adventures with peace of mind. Many often underestimate the importance of a travel insurance. However, there are multiple instances that could arise while travelling, where you wish you had an insurance plan to cover you. Some such instances are: 

  1. Accidents – While travelling abroad, much like anywhere else there is a possibility of accidents or illnesses to affect you. If for whatever reason you are unwell or hurt and need to seek medical help, you will need to shell out an exorbitant amount of funds. If you are travelling to Europe or USA then the medical bills are generally much higher. If you have a travel insurance, you are covered for these expenses. 
  2. Financial Emergency – Europe travellers should be very careful when it comes to pickpockets or burglars. If you are robbed or have misplaced your wallet, it can cause high cause for concern. In such a situation, you do not want to be left high and dry. The financial emergency clause will cover you by providing some emergency cash. 
  3. Personal Liability – If you encounter an accident and you may not be a victim but hold some amount of responsibility. In a case where you may have caused injury or harm to a third person, you will be held liable for the same. For such contingencies, there is a personal liability cover will protects you from the burden of responsibility. 
  4. Home Contingencies – While you are enjoying your travel abroad, there could be things that go wrong in your home. Cases like a house fire or theft could cause major panic. Your policy will cover the costs of damaged and loss due to theft, fire or housebreaking while you are on your trip abroad. Bharti AXA has a theft/home fire insurance cover that takes care of such situations. 

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