Finally, Nalanda University gets UNESCO World Heritage Tag

Deepak Rajana


2 years ago

World's earliest University, Nalanda University in Bihar was declared as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO during its ongoing session in Istanbul, Turkey, on Friday.
UNESCO agreed to India's proposal after Vietnam and Thailand moved a proposal in India's favor.

Nalanda University was established in 413-455 AD during the rule of Guptas. It attracted students from all over the world around that time. There were more than 10,000 students and up to 3,200 Teachers in different areas which included Geography, Medicine etc. In this university there were 8 auditoriums, 10 temples and also many mediation centers. Library were also bigger in size, consisting of thousands of books in all kinds of subjects.

This great University began to fall in 1200 AD by the invasion of Tanishkas, who cruelly burnt Students and Teachers and destroyed the University.

So now finally, the university gets a UNESCO world heritage tag.

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