List of Mosques in India built after demolishing Hindu Temples

Priya Sharma


1 year ago

We all know about some famous temples of Ayodhya, Agra and Vanarasi that were demolished by Muslim Invaders and build mosques over it. But these are only a few that are in public domain, people don't know about 100's of other Hindu temples that were demolished and mosques are build over that.

The list is the result of a preliminary survey. Many more Muslim monuments await examination. Local traditions which have so far been ignored or neglected have to be tapped on a large scale.

India being 3rd largest Muslim country has highest number of mosques in world and Muslims are still minorities for sickular benefits. And as per research thousands of temples were forcefully converted to Mosques during Muslim rule and invasion. This is a list of mosques in India. India has more than 300,000 active mosques, which is more than any other country, including Muslim world.

The Islamic rule in India robbed off India from some it's most precious treasures in terms of Temples and knowledge centres. The towering temples that once dotted our entire nation were pulled to the ground. North India was almost completely robbed off it's temples and South India was a bit lucky in this case due to geography. Temple materials were used to construct Islamic Dargahs, Mosques, Khanqahs, Mazars, Tombs. Some of the Islamic structure stand directly on top of the destroyed temple sites.

Remember not only Hindu temples but Buddhist sites and Jain temples were also destroyed by Muslim invaders. So the entire Dharmic society suffered as a whole.

We have tried our best to be exact in respect of locations, names and dates of the monuments mentioned. Click on either the state name or on the Description field to get more details.



Andhra Pradesh

List for Andhra Pradesh


List for Assam


List for Bengal


List for Bihar


List for Delhi


List for Diu


List for Gujarat


List for Haryana

Himachal Pradesh

List for Himachal Pradesh


List for Karnataka


List for Kashmir


List for Kerala


List for Lakshadweep

Madhya Pradesh

List for Madhya Pradesh


List for Maharashtra


List for Odisha


List for Punjab


List for Rajasthan

Tamil Nadu

List for Tamil Nadu

Uttar Pradesh

List for Uttar Pradesh

Source : VHSIndia

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