My First SSB(Service Selection Board) Experience- 1

Rohan Dev Verma


1 year ago

We all know how prestigious it is to get into our armed forces as an officer. One such way is by being a part of NDA(national defence academy) after 10+2. One has to appear for its exam conducted twice a year by UPSC. Upon clearing the exam you have to go through a 5 day long selection process where you are tested both mentally as well as physically, followed by a medical test.
In short you should be a scholar warrior to get into NDA.

This 5 day long selection process is conducted by SSB(Service Selection Board) at various locations across the country. Today I am going to share my SSB experience with you.
Upon clearing the written exam I received a call letter from SSB 18 Allahabad inviting me to be a part of their selection process. Being a fresher I had no idea about what SSB was, so an android app helped me in that and somehow I reached there on the specified date. There were around 100 candidates along with me and since our reporting time was in late afternoon so we were just given our chest numbers and after certain verification we were told to wait for a day for our screening test (1st round).

The next day we reported at the hall where we were made to sit according our chest numbers and the test was started. Initially, we were given two sets of aptitude test which we had to complete in the specified time, then we were shown an image about which we had to write a story leading to the occurrence of that image(scene), the image was not at all clear even the characters were not completely visible. Later, we were divided into groups of 15 and each group was taken to a separate room where all the group members had to narrate their stories in the presence of 4 officers and then end at a common story by discussing among other members.

Everything went right for me and I was one of the 32 selected candidates. Then it was time for me to relax and enjoy a bit as I would staying there for few more days (Once you are screened in you have to stay there for further rounds (4 days)).

The best part about being a fresher in SSB is that you are given travelling allowance as well not just that you are also provided with food, accommodation etc at the centre. In my upcoming blog I would be discussing my experience for the next 4 days. 

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