My first SSB Experience- 2

Rohan Dev Verma


1 year ago

Since I have shared my first two days experience at SSB Allahabad so now I am going to talk about next 4 days.
The second round or the psychology test was conducted early in the morning before that we had a great breakfast and a group photograph which was later given to us. Coming to the test it consisted of several rounds where our thinking, perspective, speed etc was tested by certain questions which required our quick responses. I made some mistakes in this test like couldn’t complete certain part in time and few more. So after coming out of the hall I was neither happy nor sad(had a mixed feeling) and was constantly thinking about the test.

Now I still had some time left before lunch so I preferred to play with my friends (same batchmates). We had a lot of facilities, equipments for playing outdoor as well as indoor games, a well developed volleyball, basketball court, proper setups for TT and carom and many more. So after being exhausting I went for the lunch, I must say that food at every SSB centre is great. Meanwhile, we were told that our individual interviews will start from tomorrow with either president or vice-president of the board. Upon hearing this all my batchmates started discussing about it, that it is the most crucial part of our stay and it would matter the most, irrespective of our performance in other rounds. It was late evening we all were in our rooms, suddenly lights went out and we could hardly see anybody so this lead to the commencement of a pillow war. Initially everyone was enjoying it but later it became nasty and was stopped when one of us got hurt. After that I sat in a lawn near our quarter, there I observed a small led like flying object, upon observing it for a while I realized that its an insect (fire fly). It was the first time in my life when I witnessed it, before that I had no idea about its appearance. After turning my head upwards I saw many of them. The sky looked so different, it was clear and so many stars were visible along with some constellations that I have never seen in Delhi (may be because of pollution).

The next morning we were taken to a field for our group testing. This round was the longest of all as it lasted two days. In this round we tested on a lot of parameters like physical strength, communication skills, planning skills, practical implementation of our intelligence etc. I think the main reason behind my rejection was this round as few of my group mates were able to dominate most of the tasks. After this tiring day my individual interview was scheduled (with the vice-president of the board). It started well, he was a nice and polite man rather a gentleman, made me feel quite comfortable and asked a lot of questions about my journey, life, family, education etc. the interview lasted about an hour and I was completely enjoyed it. The next day was usual i.e. the second day of our group testing.

Now comes the fifth day, the conference day where all of the candidates were made to enter a room turn wise and were interviewed by the panel. After waiting for a while my chest number was displayed on a screen and I entered the room, where I saw a U shape table having about 20 officers around it in their olive green uniforms. Initially I was dumbstruck, but then somehow managed to wish the vice-president who was sitting at the center of the table and sat on the chair with their permission. The interview was short and included basic details about my stay.

Later, results were announced and I was rejected. Nevertheless, I had another experience in my pocket.

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