The Unforgiving Warrior

Vasantha Priya Raj


8 months ago

Eyes that swelled due to oversleeping some years back, now blood red and thirsty for sleep, longed for the sight of her husband on the platform near the bar. It was the wee hours of the morning and he hadn't returned yet. She sustains the household, maintains him and drags him home every single day. Here she was, the lone woman in search of the human she loved. Definitely not like the princess stories. 

                  Pavement after pavement, she searched for the shirt he had worn in the morning. No sight of him, she stood rooted in the middle of the road. The shopkeepers and other men around fixed their eyes on her for their nightly feast. Sweating and tensed, she crossed them as quickly as possible. Just then, she spotted a figure rolled in dirt with a slight hint of an orange shirt over a familiar outline. Her spirits jolted as she rolled him over and discovered her soulmate in his usual hangover. She picked him up with herculean effort, dragged him painfully to the road and looked for help. The cosmos helps those who help themselves, that's how an auto came within her sight and she moved to get it, depositing her guy nearby. The auto driver seemed to be a nice person, he immediately agreed to ferry them. Off they went home.

                 Meanwhile, the seemingly nice driver smiled slyly at the mirror once in a while. With her youth, lonely outlook and a husband who slept like a log, she was her only defense in case of trouble. She had seen all such encounters, defended herself every time and proved her loyalty to her guy. After they reached home, she changed his shirt and put the fully grown kid to bed. It was time to start her daily chores. One smirk, a couple of tears as she saw him sleep, went over to him, kissed his forehead. She then got to her daily hustle bustle right away. How can I praise the endurance of this woman? Isn't she braver than the warriors we've heard of? Need I say she's the bravest unsung warrior?

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