Who will win, dynestic rule or Modi's Vikasvad?

Trilok Singh


1 year ago

As per political pundits, this Assembly poll will be a battle to win that" extra four to five per cent vote share". In other words, even a slight swing 4 to 5% would significantly benefit Congress... Further, the Gujarat Election 2017 is not just a fight between two mainstream parties or a fight for who will become the Chief Minister of Gujarat, but it is to decide if jaativad, Dynastic rule, language, and religion factor reflecting or not in the hard core of politics and dynastic rule, will win or Modi's vikasvad will triumph..

First Published on Youth Darpan, Who will win, dynestic rule or Modi's Vikasvad?

The big question is this: If Gujarat, home of the famous model, has produced so many dissenters, then what will happen between now and the next general elections in 2019, given how few jobs have been produced under Modi's government so far? The 2nd and final phase of Gujarat elections for the remaining 93 seats will be helded today, 14 Dec, 2017. And the Counting of votes will be conducted on Monday, 18 December, 2017.

Yes we can say that, small and medium enterprises need more attention with the same regard. But big industries and corporates in labor-intensive sectors, streamlined business regulations and foreign investment are essential to create jobs going forward. Modi and his government still need to keep focusing on the policies that create massive jobs and opportunities for current population the more than 65% educated youth while the right wing intelligentsia has failed to fulfill the demands of young employers..

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Moreover, The nature of Indian manufacturing is not employment-friendly. We can say that, Most of them are automated and any employment is highly skilled. Thus they Have contribute to growth, but not necessarily to employment. The labour intensity of MSME is four times higher than that of large firms. But they are not treated well in India they have poor access to credit and they are plagued by many serious problems which has limited there growth potential. The tax incentives, subsidies, depreciation allowance all are solely linked to the amount invested and not to the number of jobs created.

The need of the hour is to make livelihood creation central to development strategies rather than just projecting it as natural fallout of growth. It needs to be accepted that organized manufacturing is no longer the answer to generate large-scale employment, as it was in the past. First of all Labour Laws should be reformed as due to the stringent Labour Laws Corporates in India are preferring Capital intensive mode of Production in a country where labour is abundant.

Significantly, Encouraging people’s entrepreneurial instincts- whether they create mom-and-pop undertakings countrywide, or deliver results under the Startup India or Stand-up India missions- will generate sustainable outcomes. The education system needs to be revamped to create the desired skill-sets. At present, the education system is failing miserably in delivering even whatever it is designed to. Job Intensive sector like Food Processing Should be promoted. MUDRA scheme should be expanded as it can be a game changer for MSME sector and this sector has a potential to create required jobs in India...

With regard to this Assembly poll, We can not say with 100% of accuracy that, who will win either congress or ruling party. Just have a patience and wait for results (18 Dec, the Counting of votes will be conducted on Monday, 18 December, 2017). And please don't think about opinion polls, it may be a stunt of opposition or the ruling party..


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