Why I went to school?

Sunil Gupta


1 year ago

When I was 3 or 4 years old, then one question always running in my mind, Why should I go to school. I think most of the child can have the same issue. I was born in a village, in my town there was a school for primary education. My parents always try to push me in class; sometimes they work forcibly on me. But I was also a very naughty boy, I went to school but didn't study anything. I was not allowed to go outside for playing that's why I have no friends and so I had not so much interest in the study.

After some time we transferred from village to Delhi, that time I was a just five-year-old, and I think that time is the transaction for my life. After some days my parents send to me in a school, and when I was in LKG, then I am a very shy boy but after some time I made many friends, and I always try to make a good relation with friends. After one year I came in first class, and I have a new teacher for the first-class. I have one very bad habit that I never comb in hair, but my mother daily tries to comb my hair. When my parents leave to me in a school, they suggest to my parents, please give a comb in a bag and I will do brush his hair. So, daily my teacher brush to my hair. After entire one year I got the second position in my class, so my parents were very happy and this moment is also precious for me.

After five years I completed my primary education and changed school, comes in sixth class. When I was in tenth grade, I had very confused about which stream I have to choose for High school education. In the end, pressure came from parents, elder brother and other relatives, you should take science, so I took science and keeps going to study. When I completed my high school education, I had excellent marks but not in my Jee main. So I decided to drop and further study for jee and in next year I got good marks and took admission in IIITD.

I think, when I see the entire history of my life, one thing always clear success always comes from struggle. 

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