Rita Gupta

4 days ago

Important Features Of eCommerce Product Data Entry

An eCommerce store is not just about having a huge collection of products but also suite class range of services to cater excellent online shopping experience. Your store may have most attractive products with competitive prices and offers but until and unless you cater seamless customer support ...

Ritik Sahlot

1 month ago


                                           MYSTARTUP....Since it's a platform for putting forward  startup idea..hence my idea is to create a startup which will be a helping hand to ...

Nipun Kohli

3 months ago

EduExcel - Student-Teacher LIVE Class Aggregator + E-Shop

Our Deck :- Base : 315 Million+ Indian StudentsTargeted Revenue : 1900+ CroreWe are EduExcel, an Ed-Tech Company who is working on to Create a whole New Way and Experience of Education. A Tech Driven (Web RTC Technol...

Gauransh Maheshwari

3 months ago

RFID Technology in Eway bill

From 1st November 2018    Uttar Pradesh mandates RFID on windscreen with eway bill.

Mayur Chopra

4 months ago

Making life Easy with AI and Robotics

Idea Create Smart Robots that are available at an affordable price with an aim of making common people's life easy. We are experts in leveraging machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to create secure and innovative solutions for our customers. We help our customers implemen...

Mr. Q

5 months ago

Drowning in Technology

One of the biggest problems in today’s world is that we are always connected. Yes, you read that right. Staying connected all the time is a huge headache. Why? We are bound by Social Media while we continue to think that it has set us free. We are living in a mirage without understanding...

steven hales

5 months ago

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

There are many iOS Emulators but when it comes to find one for PC its hard to get one or the right one. If you are also looking for an iOS emulator for PC then here are some of the best once.16 Best iOS Emulators For PC [Run iOS Apps on Windows]You are here: Home / Windows / 16 Best iOS Emulators...

Ravi Sah

7 months ago

Why Is It Important For Every Business To Have A Mobile Friendly Website Design

Traditionally, websites were simply designed so that they could be used on devices such as laptops and computers. Their features, interface, and a variety of other elements were all geared to maximize output on computers and laptops. These days, however, websites are now being accessed exceedingl...

Arpan Khosla

8 months ago

About our startup "Rhymly" where ANYBODY CAN RHYME

IDEA:Rhymly is a one-stop content tech platform that helps budding creative writers search rhymes & meanings of Hindi words, create original couplets while rhyming on the fly, discover & share talented writers & also get themselves featured on the app every day.PROBLEM:

Shivam Sheoran

9 months ago


A World Of Travelers Travions - An Online marketplace for Hoteliers, Travelers, Freelancers and travel agents with all major solutions for each segment. We at Travions, want to bring all the people connected with the travels industry to an online platform where they will get easiest, fa...

Nikhil Kumar Saini

11 months ago

5 Best iOS emulators to Run iOS games on Windows PC

This post will help to all the members who are looking for the best emulators which can run the ios apps on windows platforms. I have found the few amazing ios emulators that provide you the ios feel when you run the ios games on them. They are not as much sufficient as the real ios system is, st...

slamet widodo

11 months ago

Jual Pabx Panasonic Murah 2018

Jual Pabx Panasonic Murah 2018Saat ini Jual Pabx Panasonic Murah 2018 sedang meningkat tinggi, dikarenakan banyak gedung gedung atau ruko ruko bahkan rumah yang memasang alat Pabx. oleh karena itu penjualan di online maupun offline menjadi meningkat.Pabx Panasonic berfungsi untuk memudahkan kita ...


11 months ago

Baru Aplikasi Android Penghasil Uang Tercepat di Era Moderen

Baru Aplikasi Android Penghasil Uang Tercepat di Era ModerenBerbicara mengenai jenis bisis memang sangat banyak sekali modelnya. Mulai dari bisnis receh sampai bisnis milyaran yang memerlukan modal banyak. Akan tetapi tidak semua orang memiliki cukup dana untuk menjalankan bisnis sampingan. Seper...

Prachi Pahuja

1 year ago

How will virtual reality change education?

Virtual Reality is becoming a very popular technology in the wake of high-profile product launches like the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, but because it is still relatively new it may not be something that you have experienced yet. In this blog you will get to know what VR technology is and w...


1 year ago

Cryptocurrency Buy/Sell/Exchange Startup

My idea is to start Cryptocurrency BUY/SELL/Exchange Company in India. Where users can easily Buy/Sell Cryptocurrency and read information about it. I know there are many companies or source available where users can easily buy and sell Cryptocurrency But not Many. In India, only 8 compan...

Sakshi saini

1 year ago

Conspiracy Theories

At some point of human life, there is the time when they get to know about some new facts that has the ability to create doubt about the previous knowledge in the mind of the person such new theories are called conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories are based on some limited facts and resources...

Karan Tandon

1 year ago

Technology and the Elderly

Modern youth is self-centred and ambitious. In this ambition, they forget the fact that they are dependent on their parents and teachers for their guidance and day to day requirements. Parents, during their youth, have worked very hard to see their children grow and prosper but during the time wh...

Karan Tandon

1 year ago

Can technology replace teachers?

With the technological boom, human beings have seen development in almost every sector. Man, himself is losing his grip on various industries and robots and machines are gradually taking over all activities which were initially taken up by the humans. A similar scene can now be easily seen in the...

Ankit Dangi

1 year ago


WHAT IS A2DWEB???An innovative platform where we change the internet we are using now by reinventing everything we use now whether it is news, gadgets, inventions-innovations and also Tutorials and all other stuff. HOW???By using Artificial Intelligence as a backend

Angad Singh

1 year ago

Become a Certified Ethical Hacker

How To Become Certified Hacker ?Today many businesses and government-related organizations that are serious about their network security. So they hire certified hackers and penetration testers to help probe and improve their networks, applications, and other computer systems .With the ultima...

Gagan Suneja

1 year ago

My First Post!

Making the most of resume Making the most of resumeMaking the most of resume Making the most of resumeMaking the most of resume Making the most of resumeMaking the most of resume Making the most of resumeMaking the most of resume Making the most of resumeMaking the most of resume Making the ...

Debasis Ghosh

1 year ago

ARBO = A New Generation Artificial Intelligence

Panasonic, a Japanese multinational electronics company stepped into the Indian smartphone industry on 16th May 2013 with its first smartphone Panasonic P51. On March 27, 2017, Panasonic launched two smartphones, Eluga Ray Max and Eluga Ray X with ARBO virtual assistance. The motto was to give th...

Ardhendu Mondal

1 year ago

Super Charging station for Electric Vehicle

Hi , my name is Ardhendu Mondal. I want to make a Project on Super Charging Station for Electric Vehicle.Project name: Super Charging Station for Electric VehicleThe aim of the Project: 1.Encouraging Pollution free travel2. Reduction of pollution due to taxi autoriksha driving in cities3. R...

Trilok Singh

1 year ago

NanoPhone, ‘Smallest Phone in the World’ Now, Launched in India

The e-commerce site has announced the launch of a phone dubbed Elari NanoPhone C. The company touts this device to be the ‘smallest phone in the world’. In the world of smartphones, this one comes as a feature phone with pretty basic specs.It is claimed to be ultra compact stylish and a...