My Story

Nezzan Depok

1 month ago

Tips Belajar SEO Dengan Mudah Dan Cepat

Kamu tentu pernah juga mendengar mengenai SEO, dan kita harus juga mau untuk Belajar SEO dengan mudah terutama bagi pemiliki web atau blog. Untuk blogger atau pemilik web, SEO itu terasa penting juga ya, tanpa memahami SEO sama saja ketika kita punya produk untuk dijual akan tetapi kita ...

Shreeja Sudhakaran

3 months ago

My YouTube Video

Tried a new form of dancing which is not at all my forte. Danced to Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do played on Harp by Amy Turk.It is no choreography, all I did was just move to the grooves of the music.I hope you like it.Thankyou!

Sidharth Menon

4 months ago

Purple skies and her

To the little joys there were..Chasing the pretty clouds with herTracing paths to forgotten treasuresForgetting plans to make lots moreHere’s to her, gorgeously preciousMaking all that’s mine hers all alongSeeing her nothing amiss a PrincessAdorning her every smile with a kissThere’s none like he...

Shreeparna dey

10 months ago

My School

My SchoolWhen I was a student in Alpha plus school, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. I was studying in 2nd standard, For the first time I had experienced how people celebrated Pongal credits goes to my school. Like other students I also wore a South Indian ghagra choli. My school stage was decorated ...

Kartik Verma

10 months ago

The day I almost died

Based on a true storySorry for being extra  dramaticThe story unfolds in the late 2000's, with the main protagonist (yours truly) only around 10 years old. i find it very tough to describe myself, but i feel the story requires a description. Imagine a dumb kid. Thats pretty  much it.(wo...

Shreeparna dey

10 months ago


THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAMINATIONThe question paper was right there, but the words were dancing in the front of my eyes. I could not understand what was black and white jumbled up rigmarole was. Suddenly I realized it was my mathematics question paper. I knew it every single question but my hands ...

Harsh Bandhey

10 months ago

A Tale of Two Squares (Square 1)

It was perhaps on a Monday, that a new piece was introduced in the world of board games, the day he was born he, before he could even utter a word he was designated a token, a little piece filled with wonder, in the game of snake and ladders, and put on the pedestal of ‘square one’. He played for...

Prince Garg

11 months ago

Name is a collection of alphabets, make it a word.

We read daily at least one success story and watch video of someone's success on social media. People share video's of success stories and we like to watch them. Why this happen? Because we want to become one of them.But, Is this good to watch many success story videos?Think about yourself, if we...

Sukanya De

11 months ago

A Girl with a Random Dream

“And the dormant dragon… ” I felt as if I had gone blank; I could not remember the next line.“….And … And the dormant dragon has already spread its claws……” I stammered. I got nervous and looked around.The hall seemed to be overcrowded today. The students of schools from all over the district occ...

Sunil Gupta

11 months ago

Why I went to school?

When I was 3 or 4 years old, then one question always running in my mind, Why should I go to school. I think most of the child can have the same issue. I was born in a village, in my town there was a school for primary education. My parents always try to push me in class; sometimes they work forc...

Apurv Patani

1 year ago

Mummy: Nothing is really lost until she can't find it

So many thoughts come to your mind when you think of your mom. Lovely, cute, caring, grumpy, cranky, unreasonable, authoritarian(that is going too far :P) and one of the most important people in your life.When she gets angry, she becomes absolutely unreasonable! I mean, if I drop something, then ...

Apurv Patani

1 year ago

Trip to bliss

So this was after the JEE preparation was over. Two years(in my case three years) of having a set routine and doing diligent hard work came to an end. A break from this madness (at least that is how it felt like in the end) was much needed.Planning:

Apurv Patani

1 year ago

My first novel

I know, I know. Your first reaction may be:But here's the thing: I have never been an avid reader. I read the novels that were part of the school curriculu

Manidipa Ray

1 year ago

Embracing Change

In my teens and even before, there was a thing that would scare the shit out of me. I would do anything to resist that. If I failed, then a cloud of gloominess would cast upon me. I would be frustrated, angry, people around me would have to tolerate my tantrums and mood swings. It was about chang...

Richa Tudu

1 year ago

Equality= Special Treatment?

In the whole bickers and squabbles of the oppressors and the oppressed; the women being the latter, we were blessed to have a mass movement to guard the equality and rights of the women against the male tyranny. There had been several waves marching and protesting and outcries to make people real...

Neethu Mariya

1 year ago

Value and Love of Mothers

A Mother's value is just like the value of time.. So always love your mother so     that you don't have to rue her missing presence.Maybe she can't give all what you're craving for... maybe she can't aid you in your academics....But she never fails in these 3 Major Things:(a) Lovin...

Vibhuti chauhan

1 year ago

MY DAD - a superhero

Holding my hand at the small age of 10 and screaming at the referee for his daughter’s first position in a 100m race, I saw a teddy like cute and healthy man fighting for me with the eyes full of love, excitement and pride; as if that first prize wasn’t won by me, 

Abhijeet Oberoi

1 year ago

Everyone is someone else's BITCH!?

YES, maybe it is a hard term to use but look at it. Haven’t we submitted ourselves to this era of social anxiety, social media and social awkwardness?Aren’t we controlled by the progressive thought of impressing everyone? Yes we have, but in that “everyone” there is a particular someone who ...

Isha Gupta

1 year ago

Message to a girl in the new world!

Darling, when you will go out, you will be scared, scared to that extent that you willrethink your decision. You will be confident but at the same time you will doubt yourself. You will think about leaving your place, friends and your city, mostimportantly you will think about leaving your s...

Neethu Mariya

1 year ago

Exploring Life beyond

Life is indeed so beautiful than what we usually see in our daily life. We humans are so busy these days, carried away with our responsibilities, workload and stuck up with social Media. Seems like a neutral routine right? Since we are living in such a busy and fancy world we seemed to ...

Srishti Pandey

1 year ago

India Ranks First In Open Defecation, Dreams To Be An ODF Nation.

Though Indian mythology says, cleanliness brings delight and well-being yet India stands first in open defecation. According to the National Sample Survey office (NSSO) 2015 report more than half of the rural population 52.1% of the country still defecates in open.Swach Bharat Abhiyan movement la...

Shivangi Prakash

1 year ago

On The Way To Finding LOVE!!!

   Love!! What is Love? What does it look like? Does it have any particular shape? Where can one find it? How much does it cost? Can it be seen or touched? Can it stay forever?     So many queries bounced back from her head everytime she came across this term "love"...

Swapan Jajoria

1 year ago


I woke up with a really bad headache and immediately noticed two things: it was dark and I wasn't alone. My vision was foggy. My eyes rolled around, almost out of instinct, to gain a semblance of balance, a recognition of something familiar. My body was moving across the floor haphazardly. I...

Anushka Tomar

1 year ago


The breeze was so soothing. It brought me back to life and to reality. The clouds cascading the sky, overshadowing the bright sunny April sky. With the strands of my hair barring my vision and the leaves swaying erratically I looked towards the lush fields across the road.The fields so profuse , ...

Tani MT

1 year ago

A Strange World

My ears started working first, the echo of different sounds was reaching my ears. Then I realized that I was lying on a cold hard surface, my eye slowly fluttered open. The first thing I saw was million of small twinkling lights scattered across the sky, as dark as black ink.I was gobsmacked...